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Fear not the Bot!

Not long ago there was a headline declaring that Artificial Intelligence – a robot – at a big bank had done in just a few seconds work that had taken lawyers 360,000 hours to do the previous year. News like this can be frightening, especially if you’re law school. But I can’t help wonder, where […]

Prospecting, then and now.

Prospecting for gold in the 1800s was a labor-intensive activity.  Searching for gold meant traversing rugged terrain, climbing outcroppings and wading through streams.  A trace of minerals would lead to panning on hands and knees to sift out a nugget that may indicate a distinct vein, and ultimately a principal vein – the mother lode. Most advisors […]

The Curse of Later

The most limiting word in our vocabulary is “later”.  Now is good, even empowering.  Never is okay too, it’s final and can open a different path. Later is insidious, especially if the terms we set for later are ambiguous or out of our control. Later will rent space in our head and obscure the path we […]

The shoemaker’s children go barefoot

Why is it so hard to heed our own advice? The biggest waste in professional advisory is the lost value of isolated relationships. The economic value of the reputation and relationships possessed by talented advisors is the largest asset of any advisory firm, but it often goes unrealized. When the advisor rides off into the […]

You’re in a box

So am I. So are most of the people either of us knows. The box is the narrative people have on us. The narrative is the easy story that allows people to place us in a tidy category. “She’s a great technician but not good with people.” “He’s a lot of fun, but not a […]