The Curse of Later

The most limiting word in our vocabulary is “later”. 

Now is good, even empowering.  Never is okay too, it’s final and can open a different path. Later is insidious, especially if the terms we set for later are ambiguous or out of our control. Later will rent space in our head and obscure the path we should take.

We all understand that prospecting is key when building our practice, and deep down we know that the people we respect most are those that can help us most. 

However these are the people we most want to think well of us. The last people we would ever want to see us as needy. So we choose not to engage these people now.

Later, we tell ourselves. Later, when I am more experienced, more established, richer and obviously NOT needy. Then I will engage those great people. Or better still, they will come to me.

The problem of course, is that later never comes. We may or may not have success in our career, but we fail to achieve what we might have had we asked the right people the right questionsearly on.

When you prospect, go for now or never. Later sucks the life out of you.